Can’t tell a coach his sessions are bad? Print this session and give it to him..



The 3 things you MUST do before your session

1. Plan Your Session

“@legendarycoach If you send your players for a couple of laps THEN quickly muster up some sort of session in your head, you are NOT a #TopCoach”

You would be surprised how many coaches are out there just winging it or pulling an old session from memory. The least you can do is sit down and get your session organized on paper. I know, you have untold sessions in your dome that you can pull out at any time, but sit down and write that session out. You SHOULD be following some kind of seasonal plan for your team which will help you plan the whole sequence of training. But let’s be honest, you talk about that and that’s what you sell to the parents but you have not followed through, so sit down and plan it! It’s ok to mix something in to that seasonal structure for whatever reason, but you should be following a longer term plan.

“@legendarycoach A #TopCoach CAN pull a session out of nowhere when needed, but doesn’t do that on a daily basis..

INSIGHT: You will see something on paper when you write it down that will lead to a tweak, to something better, to a progression, to a condition, that you would not have visualized.


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Welcome to the @legendarycoach website!

A warm welcome to you for stopping by my new website. It is here that I will take apart fake coaches and impostors, whilst motivating you to become the best coach you can be, to be a #TopCoach.